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In The Rozbrat 20 Restaurant, every day we propose different, surprising combinations that may seem unobvious.

Our motto is: courage, madness and unique taste.

We serve “Modern Polish Cooking“ – modern Polish cuisine in a relaxing and less formal atmosphere.

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In the Rozbrat 20, for dinner, we serve 6- or 8-course savouring menu. During lunch, we serve a lunch menu and lunch savouring menu. The à la carte menu is available all day.

The menu is based on the best products currently available from local producers or trusted suppliers.

The meals are light, elegant and full of flavor.


Bartosz Szymczak

Head Chef

Bartosz Szymczak

Bartosz was born in Gdynia, Poland. His entire world is to be the best cook and chef he can be. He gained substantial experience in London where worked in places such as at Bleeding Heart, at Arbutus, and at The Cow. The most beautiful moment of his career, according to him, was his first day of work with Tom Aikens...


Ewelina Brdak

General Manager/Sommelier

Ewelina Brdak

I have been a manager of the Rozbrat 20 from the beginning. I prefer to describe myself as a wine enthusiast rather than a sommelier. This emphasizes my emotional attitude towards wine. In my work, I like most when guests return to the restaurant, remembering my service...


Michał "Mikey"

Sous Chef

Michał "Mikey" Wierzba

At the beginning he worked as a helper, and currently he is the right hand of Bartosz Szymczak. In every day life, he is interested in forgotten products, he likes to look for recipes and experiment. Privately, he breeds sheep, grows vegetables, brews beer and makes liqueurs.



Adrian Górniak

He is a philosopher by training, and, as we know, in vino veritas. I worked in a radio station because I love music. In my free time I travel or paint graffiti. The Rozbrat 20 Restaurant is a big step in my professional life. The comfort of work, an excellent and ambitious crew, this is something that motivates me...




Anastasiia Orlyk

She has been working in The Rozbrat 20 for a year. 'Nastya' is a calm and smiling girl who is the core pillar of our team. She is vigilant, she focuses on details that may be invisible to others. Law and order are not alien to her. In her free time, she travels and visits new places on gastronomic map of Poland. She chooses extreme sensations over convenience.


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Mon.-Fri. – 12:00-22:00
Sat. – 13:00-22:00

ul. Rozbrat 20
00-447 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 416 62 66