Bartosz Szymczak

Head Chef

Bartosz was born in Gdynia, Poland. His entire world is to be the best cook and chef he can be. He gained substantial experience in London where worked in places such as at Bleeding Heart, at Arbutus, and at The Cow.

The most beautiful moment of his career, according to him, was his first day of work with Tom Aikens. Working with Aikens who showed him what perfection is, taught Bartosz some of the best lessons of his culinary and even personal life. Thanks to this deep knowledge gained, he discovered in himself the love for food and for the products and ingredients to make the best.

The next stop in his career was Lee Westcott's Typing Room; here over a period of two years he gained experience as sous chef which gave him the subsequent skills required to open a restaurant. Together with James Sharman (of Noma), he opened a pop-up restaurant in Hong Kong; thus the One Star House Party project was created.

He has been associated with Rozbrat 20 since 2016 where he heads the kitchen producing his creative Modern Polish cuisine. His world does not recognize shortcuts; each time he cooks a dish for any guest, his effort is always at a 100%.